Posted by: benj2919 | July 25, 2010

Research Methods

Revised Research Question:

What is the difference in the bicycling infrastructure between the inner and outer city?


Count bicycle traffic

  • Morning and evening rush hour
  • Various distances away from Centraal Station
  • Create graphic/map showing most heavily trafficked areas

Map bicycle lanes

  • Inner city/outer city
  • Compare bicycle lane construction

Transit time

  • Compare the time it takes to bike a route of equal distance in the inner city vs. outer city

Research new construction

  • New bicycle lane construction
  • New road construction

Direct Observations

  • Intersections (Centraal Station vs. outer city)
  • Bicycles on public transportation
  • Type of bicycles typically used (lightweight vs. heavy)

Interview city planning officals

  • European Cyclist Federation
  • Department of Infrastructure, Transit, and Transportation
  • Department of Physical Planning


  1. Looks great! In our efforts to navigate the northern countryside on Saturday, Greg and I bought a cycling map of the greater area which you might find useful! (we definitely did)

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