About Me

Hello everyone!



The purpose of this blog is to record my experiences and thoughts while traveling in Amsterdam, but here is some info about my life pre-Amsterdam:

I am currently a junior at University of Washington. My major is Chemical Engineering, although I seriously considered Buddhist studies. Portland, Oregon is my hometown, but I have come to love it here in Seattle – they are not too different after all.

I fill my free time with playing tennis, skiing, and riding bikes. Also, the Japanese culture and language have been life-long interests of mine, and I even speak a little Japanese (although I am pretty rusty). In fact, I spent last year on an exchange program in Tokyo! Japan is an amazing place, and I had a fantastic time. Some of my best memories are skiing with the university ski team in Nagano, and a week long bike trip. Two other exchange students and I peddled from Osaka to Nagasaki (650 miles), camping along the way. Since it’s summer skiing’s out, but anyone up for some bike touring in Europe?


Shinto Shrines and Bikes

Castle on the way to Nagasaki

Nagano, Japan

Japanese Ski Town

I hope to have many more adventures ahead in Amsterdam!


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